Cloud MES

Manufacturing Execution System for cloud era on Rails 5

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Welcome to use the next generation cloud MES

Cloud-MES is an Open Source, MES(Manufacturing Execution System) application for the factory. It is easy to integrate into existing applications using RESTful api, messenger queue or directly using database.

Cloud-MES is written in Ruby on Rails and can run quit well in Windows, Mac OS X and many Unix-like systems such as Linux and FreeBSD. Cloud-MES is also support many databse, including postgresql, mysql, Oracle or even MS SQL Server.

Cloud-MES is licensed under the new BSD license.


  • Modeling the factory using activerecord
  • Modeling can support different kind of database
  • All commen MES transaction include and can extend

Target Rails 5

27 Sep 2015

Decide target rails 5 to do a cloud-mes in gems set

The first post

13 Apr 2013

The cloud MES production site go live today.